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Agenda: Widget+ | 評価 | iPhoneアプリ101ランキング
販売元:Jeeeyul Lee
iOS10.0 平均評価:
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‘Agenda: Widget+’ shows upcoming events in the widget not only today's events.
It also provides estimated travel time with directions.

An elegant monthly calendar widget is also provided.

※ Agenda Widget:
∙ Displays upcoming events in the widget.
∙ Travel Time and Routing features are provided.
∙ Location based travel time estimation.
∙ Birthdays are displayed in the widget.
∙ Highly customizable.

※ Calendar Widget:
∙ Monthly calendar widget also provided.
∙ You can navigate months.
∙ Week number is provided.
∙ Displays regional holiday and weekend.

※ Apple Watch:
∙ Can displays events within 3 months (upto 40 events)
∙ Can displays maps for events.

※ Caution:
∙ Both widget supports 38 languages, however the app(Settings for widgets) supports Korean, German, English, Japanese and Hebrew.