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Inbox Pro, for Outlook | 評価 | iPhoneアプリ101ランキング
販売元:Code Before Dawn, Inc
iOS10.0 平均評価:3.5


1. ipadで添付ファイルが見れない! (v3.3.1)
2. ipad での添付読み込み (v3.3.1)
3. カレンダーの日付 (v3.3.1)
4. Reviews (v3.3.1)
Very useful.
5. Never try it (v3.2)
Never try it
6. Best alternative to web app (v2.5.1)
Office mail works really well as alternative to outlook web app experience in browser. Frequently updated, easy to use and manage my work emails.
7. カレンダー頑張って (v2.4)
8. Satisfied (v2.2)
Works as advertised, but cannot attach files.
9. 問い合わせに返信なし (v2.1.1)
10. 便利です! (v2.0.1)


★ このアプリをクリッピングする ★

Inbox Pro is designed for maximum compatibility with Outlook / Exchange servers that do not support the official Outlook App by Microsoft.

We use many tricks to talk to the old, outdated, or just problematic Outlook/Exchange servers that many companies are unfortunately asking their employees, staff, or students to use.

If this is your company, download Inbox Pro and view, compose, and send emails with an interface designed to be the perfect fit for iOS 10 on both iPhone and iPad.

Note: This application has been developed by a third party and is not endorsed by, tested by, or in any other way associated with Microsoft Corporation. Inbox Pro is designed for Outlook Web Access accounts provided by Exchange server. We do not support Gmail, Hotmail, Outlook Express, personal copies of Outlook, or other webmail services.

With printing, attachment viewing, landscape mode, and support for all versions of Exchange, Inbox Pro is the premium way to access your company email while on the move.
√ Fully designed for and compatible with IOS 10
√ Works with Exchange 2003, 2007, 2010, & 2013 servers
√ View Word, Excel, Powerpoint, PDF & picture attachments
√ Print Emails & Attachments (requires Airplay compatible printer)
√ Delete or move multiple items at once
√ Full Landscape and Portrait support on every screen
√ View and accept/decline meeting requests
√ Signature support.
√ Priority / Replied / Forwarded icons.
√ Universal app - works with iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad

√ Passcode protection for additional security
√ Multiple Account Support

√ Enhanced compatibility for problem servers 
√ Support for VPN / RSA gateways 
√ Excellent customer service

Any questions? Please contact support@codebeforedawn.com

Please Note: 
We've spent a lot of time engineering our app to be compatible with many different Exchange configurations, including VPN & RSA setups, but it's impossible to test everything a company may use. If you experience problems, just contact support and we'll investigate and try to resolve the issue asap. 

Outlook and Exchange are registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation. This app is not endorsed by, tested by, or in any other way associated with Microsoft Corporation.