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Radiation Map Tracker displays worldwide radiation | 評価 | iPhoneアプリ101ランキング
販売元:Black Cat Systems
iOS6.0 平均評価:


1. ユーザーによるデータは客観性があり信用できます。他国との比較は空間線量を相対的に比較できるので重宝しています。こういう優秀なアプリはもっと広まって欲しいです。 (v1.2)
2. もっと (v1.1)

BLACK CAT社で観測装置の提供等対応して欲しいです。

3. Wow! (v1.0.0)
I want my money back! Unutilizable application! It is hard to believe!
4. ??? (v1.0.0)
What you see is what you get!

It's just that picture map with green numbers on some parts and no interactive, whatsoever. I don't even know what the number 27 means in Japan??? Please provide some detailed info about these numbers and some helpful guidelines on how we could deal with the situation.

If no updates or changes will be made, I'll stick to my 1 star rating - hate it!
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Concerned about nuclear radiation levels, due to fallout from damaged nuclear reactors, nuclear tests, or other events?

Radiation Map Tracker connects to our extensive network of constantly updating, real time, nuclear radiation detectors, all run by volunteers, not government agencies. This app lets you determine what levels of radiation are being reported at various locations around the world. You can scroll around the map and zoom in on readings. Readings are continuously updated every few minutes.

It displays the current ionizing radiation reading from these detectors on an easy to use world map, in uR/hr, one of the standard units of measurement for radiation. You can scroll around and zoom in to your area. Typical background (naturally occurring) radiation values near sea level are in the 10 to 20 uR/hr range. Higher readings naturally occur at higher elevations due to cosmic rays from outer space.

Tapping on one of the readings will bring up a chart of the last few days worth of readings. You can even smooth out the variations by adjusting the number of samples averaged per plotted point, to bring out subtle variations.

Buy a copy of Radiation Map Tracker, and you'll never be in the dark about nuclear radiation levels again.