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Fly Delta | 評価 | iPhoneアプリ101ランキング
販売元:Delta Air Lines, Inc
iOS9.0 平均評価:4.5


1. 日本語対応 (v4.8)
2. 旅をワクワクさせてくれます (v4.7.1)
3. 是非 (v4.7.1)
4. 滅茶滅茶 (v4.7.1)
5. 日本語しかわからん (v4.7)
6. 検索がおかしい (v4.6.1)
Cash is select for searching available flight, but it automatic changing to search by Mile+Cash, and then said en error that no result for Mile+cash, ???
I don’t need you to show Mile+cash!
Just do search by cash only! Can’t you?
7. Great upgrade (v4.6.1)
Thank you very much for a great upgrade. I really enjoyed flight.
8. 言語選択 (v4.6)
9. Bad update (v4.2.1)
I can't open the app after the update!!!!!!
10. I can't open the app (v4.2.1)
After the update, I can't open it.
I need to check in.


★ このアプリをクリッピングする ★

Welcome to Fly Delta, Delta’s award winning iPhone app. With a redesigned Today screen which provides quick access to your eBoarding pass and other important day-of-travel information, Fly Delta makes travel easier than ever before.

• Enroll in Delta's SkyMiles® program and earn miles every time you travel
• Find, compare and book Domestic and International flights
• Book SkyMiles award tickets
• Purchase Delta Comfort+™ and Trip Extras, including in-flight Wi-Fi, Priority Boarding and more
• Reserve Preferred Seats like bulkhead and aisle
• Rebook cancelled flights or missed connections
• Manage your trips, profile and customize your travel preferences
• Check your SkyMiles account balance and current Medallion® status
• Check in, view your eBoarding Pass and add it to Apple Wallet
• Pay for checked bags and track their location
• Check the latest flight status and receive flight and gate change notifications
• Save a photo to remember your parking spot
• Check your status on the upgrade or standby list
• View or change your seat
• Locate Delta Sky Club® lounges
• View interactive airport maps, public transportation details and weather information
• Get detailed info about our fleet and partners
• Map flights en route with an interactive flight tracker
• “Today” gathers everything you need for your day of travel into one convenient place
• “Feed” ensures you always have the latest flight updates, gate changes and more
• View countdown to departure and arrival along with gate and baggage carousel information on Apple Watch

The Fly Delta app for iPhone and delta.com are always free to use on Delta’s Wi-Fi-enabled flights. Visit delta.com/app for more information.