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Japan News, In English | 評価 | iPhoneアプリ101ランキング
販売元:Aaru Labs
iOS4.3 平均評価:1.5


1. I want my money back!!!! (v2.1)
If you are going to charge money for this, it better work!!! When do I get a refund?!?!
2. USELESS ON iPad (v2.1)
This app was working beautifully on my iPod;
downloaded on iPad, it became
impossible to open ...

It is a pity because it's a very interesting, useful and well-done app
for English-speaking people who want to stay updated with Japanese news :
why don't you fix this problem ASAP ??????
3. Why this appli doesn't open (v2.1)
Please fix it as soon as it possible.. It is been using since I had have iPhone 3GS. Now even I can't it open.. Why you negligence to update it..
4. What a piece of crap (v2.1)
This thing doesnt work
5. Since iOS 5 release this app fails to open. (v2.1)
Prior to the iPhone iOS 5 this app worked with very few problems.
Since iOS 5 release however this app fails to open. Otherwise I would give it a 4 star rating.
Please update it to be compatible with iOS 5.
6. Japan news (v2.1)
There is a pag.
7. It dose not open! (v0)
Still in download ....
8. ダメだ (v0)
9. Crap App (v0)
This app doesnot work, I downloaded it and it wouldn't open.
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Japan News, In English is a very simple RSS e-news reader for the people of Japan. This app brings you the latest news from all the top Japan news sources

The app reads the news headlines and stories and places them into scrollable list. When a headline is selected, a full screen window opens with the cover story. This new window also holds up and down arrow to browse all the news. It contains Full News button which displays full news content on the same window and Safari Button which opens the news in safari browser.