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Dictionary.com | 評価 | iPhoneアプリ101ランキング
販売元:Dictionary.com, LLC
iOS8.0 平均評価:4


1. can’t upgrade in Japan (v7.5)
We can’t upgrade in Japan. I hope we can.
2. The pop-up ads are annoying (v7.5)
A decent app marred by intrusive advertisements. The unskippable video ads (that sometimes play with sound) easily add 5-7 seconds for a single word lookup. Some ads even hide the minimize button, which is pretty infuriating and unprofessional.

I appreciate the free app, I’m sure these advertisements are making shareholders money, and I understand that pop-up ads on mobile are becoming an industry norm, but as a user these ads are enough to drive me to using an alternative rather than ponying up cash for an ad free version.

The app itself is solid, kudos to the development team.
3. Not paying twice to remove ads (v7.5)
I paid to remove the ads. After the app updated, the ads were back. I was asked to pay again. Hence the 1 star rating.
I'll use another dictionary app from now on.
4. Best thesaurus ever! (v7.4.5)
Improve you speaking and writing skills profoundly!
5. いい (v7.4.4)
6. Good app for english learning. (v7.4.4)
The word of the day boosts my english learning!
7. すばらしい (v7.4.3)
8. Great (v7.4.3)
9. Hate "Learn fun facts". (v7.4.2)
Super annoying when "learn fun facts" shows up. Stop it.
10. At last the fixed the bug! (v7.4)
Bought the power pack one and it didn't work. But this new update fixed the problems. Now, it could be used it easily


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- English Spelling help - not sure how a word is spelled? This app will find it for you
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