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Japanese | 評価 | iPhoneアプリ101ランキング
販売元:Mark Gänsicke
iOS10.3 平均評価:4


1. ありがとうございます (v4.1)
Thanks for latest update 😊4.1
2. Fantastic (v4.0.1)
This is a brilliant app!
I live and work in Japan and this app has been a help in all situations.
Highly recommended for study, work & play
It has been updated regularly so many thanks to the developers.
3. Bad study configuration (v4.0.1)
Lack of configuration, the furi on kanji is too helpful it doesn't help learning at all. I don't want to learn english->japanese on the study card. Need to focus on kanji alone.
4. Please make an iOS 11 version of the software (v4.0.1)
The new version of this app almost fixed everything that was wrong with the last version. Kudos to the developers. Just waiting for iOS 11 support. The handwriting tool crashes the program at the moment. Can you also add the support link into the program? We can send you more dictionary entries that way.
5. Update (v4.0.1)
Compatibility update??
6. Nice app but handwriting input is not working (v4.0.1)
Please fix handwriting feature for ios 11. Thank you!
7. Not compatible with iOS 11 (v4.0.1)
Says I’m running iOS 11 beta. I’m not.

Doesn’t display top row properly.

No response from developer to emails.
8. Best Japanese app but new update bugged. (v4.0.1)
Like the other person commented this dictionary is great, however, the new updated took out many features that were EXTREMELY helpful to those who use this app for professional reasons.

1)Please allow us to search for Kanji z-a as well as a-z the "..." or "*" input is too clunky and takes too much time.

2)The results page has difficulty scrolling as well. I can't see the last 3-4 results unless I constantly scroll with both thumbs and even then I can't select the vocabulary.

3)It's nice to search for kanji by radical but allow us to put in multiple radicals again like the previous update. Now we have to search off of just one radical. Time consuming

4) Lastly, there doesn't seem to be a settings page at all anymore.

Thanks for your hard work until now. Looking forward to seeing these problems fixed.

UPDATE: Searching kanji by component is fixed. The a-z , z-a is another major fix I hope to see soon. I can't even find some 熟語 ( that are actually on this dictionary) by putting ... or * in front of the second kanji.
9. My best friend (v4.0.1)
This app has been my best companion to survive Japan for years. The latest update made this app, hands down the best Japanese dictionary/learning app out there!
10. The best dictionary application out there, but.. (v4.0.1)
I've been using this application since I started studying japanese and it's a blessing. I even would donate money if I could. That's how much I loved this app.

But then the big update came. I was exited at first but became disappointed shortly because now the app has many bugs. While the new interface and features are great, it's missing some of the features that was on the previous version such as the toggle between the beginning or the middle of the kanji compound on the search function.

I wish I hadn't updated my app. Shouldn't fix what isn't broken I guess. Now please fix the new version 🙏


★ このアプリをクリッピングする ★

Japanese is the ultimate study companion for any Japanese language learner. Japanese is comprehensive, with over 175,000 dictionary entries and 58,000 example sentences, and fits perfectly in your pocket. It comes complete with references, flashcard study tools and all you need to master the Japanese language. Japanese runs offline, allowing you to learn on the go, wherever you go.

• Japanese’s search engine is unparalleled in its speed, returning the most relevant results for your search as you type.
• Search from over 175,000 words and 58,000 example sentences.
• Handwriting recognition: Write any kanji in any stroke order and have Japanese decipher and display the most likely kanji or kana.
• Conjugation Search: Search a word in any conjugation to get a complete dictionary entry for that word.
• Text Reader: Struggling with a website or text message? Input long text and see it translated into its constituent parts.

• Flashcards: Easy-to-use flashcard study with study reminders and social elements that allow you to share your lists with friends.
• Text-to-Speech: Learn a word’s pronunciation.
• JLPT: Tests aren’t everything. But for those seeking to master the JLPT, Japanese has dedicated study lists.

• Intuitive user interface: Find the information you need, when you need it.
• Split View: Use Japanese simultaneously with other applications on your iPad or large screen Apple device with Split View.
• Custom Content: Create your own lists, labels, history, folders and notes to help organise your studies.
• Sharing: Share Lists with Family, Friends and Study Buddies via AirDrop, Messages or Email.
• Import: Easily import your data from other Japanese language learning apps such as Imiwa, Midori and Nihongo, Rikaichan.
• Backup & Restore: Never worry about loosing your data with Japanese’s in-app backup and restore features.