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imiwa? | 評価 | iPhoneアプリ101ランキング
販売元:Pierre-Philipp di Costanzo
iOS9.3 平均評価:3.5


1. 中国語対応してくれ!! (v4.1.2)
2. Couldn’t live without it. (v4.1.2)
This app is incredible and has been vital to my Japanese studies.
3. Worth a million dollars (v4.1.1)
Looks pricey, but i have used this app over five years, possibly longer when the name was “kotoba” this is hands down THE BEST dictionary learning app for japanese. And they even animate to show you kanji strokes!

For japanese synonyms and antonyms, flawless... the best thing though... if you hear someone say a new word... you can type it in English characters, and find it!!!! Type hiragana, and find it! Pass the phone to your friend, and they can type it... FLAWLESS!!! This app is for literally anyone! Thank you guys so much... if you ever update, i would have no problem buying it again, and again... but updates are free???? Wow! Best app in the world!
4. Probably would have given up on Japanese if not for this app (v4.1.1)
Across eight years of studying Japanese and four years of living in Japan, I've looked up 3000+ words (I know because I logged the on the list functions), and I would guess that there have been less than 100 times I've looked up a word and it wasn't in this dictionary. Worth the cost of buying a smartphone to use this app.
5. Nice App (v4.1.1)
I hope can add chinese and add detail information. I can donation to support you. Do your best!!
6. Perfect - Language life jacket ! (v4.1.1)
Have used multiple Japanese dictionary apps over the years, but this is the best! JPLT test Kanji, levels N5~N1 section is very useful too.
Amazing this was a free app, would happily pay ¥400 for it.
7. Amo!!! (v4.0.1)
Estava muito preocupada q o melhor dicionário online q tenho fosse parar😭😭😭. Obrigada pela atualização!!!! Super recomendado!!!
8. Incredibly useful!! (v4.1)
Helped me out in various situations in Japan!
9. Great! (v4.0.1)
Support iOS11.
10. Most useful Japanese dictionary! (v4.1)
Thanks for upgrade to fit for iOS11! I had been really worry about it was not suite for iOS11. I great appreciate to use it ever too!


★ このアプリをクリッピングする ★

This application is a multilingual Japanese dictionary that does not require an internet connection.

Imiwa? was created using the amazing JMdict files from the Electronic Dictionary Research and Development Group based on the work of Jim Breen on the EDICT project.

While some definitions are available in 4 languages (English, French, Russian and German), only the English translation is guaranteed for all entries in the JMDict dictionary. Initiate a search in any of those 4 languages, in Japanese or in romaji and imiwa? will do the rest.

imiwa? Also includes a rich database of kanji (KanjiDic), examples (from tatoeba.org) and conjugations as well as tools suitable for beginners.

Use the Traditional Chinese character recognition keyboard included in the iOS system for drawing kanji on screen.