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DaBus2 | 評価 | iPhoneアプリ101ランキング
販売元:Preston Ko
iOS8.1 平均評価:4.5


1. The bus (v2.0.4)
1-DAY PASSは $5を利用した。今回は#56でKahuhipa Streetにすんなりと行けたのですが、帰りに大雨でバス停が分からず(看板A4size位)、行先も書いてない。勿論、バス停名も。日本の感覚で、対向車線側にバス停有ると思ったのが、大きな間違えの様だ。行きと帰りはルートが違う。The BusのApp.では進行方向が分からない(≧∀≦)。
地元の方に、バス停の場所聞いても分からず、雨の中やっと見つけた#55に乗り(間違えて、逆方向)、north shoreで#62に乗換えアラモアナセンターに辿り着いた(≧∀≦)。長いバス旅行を経験した。通常の観光旅行では味わえない寂れた街、治安の悪そうな中華街を観れたのは良かった。1-DAY PASSで良かった。The BUSの乗心地は、保冷トラックに乗ってる感じ。
2. 使える (v2.0.0)
3. 便利! (v2.0.0)
これとグーグルマップでThe Busを快適に使うことができます。
★ このアプリをクリッピングする ★

No more getting caught in the rain waiting for the bus! No more scratching your head and wondering if you had missed the bus! No more guessing when the next bus will arrive.

The DaBus app takes the guesswork out of catching the bus on the island of Oahu. It uses the near real-time arrival information, courtesy of the Oahu Transit Services, to provide the best estimated time on when the next bus will arrive. This app also tracks the current location of the bus you are interested using the GPS device installed on many of the buses. In addition, it also provides options to explore different bus routes and take a virtual ride to better understand its route.

This app is fun, simple and intuitive to use. Best of all, it is absolutely FREE!

- Mahalo (Thank you) for downloading and using this app.


- Locate nearby bus stops at your current location.
- Locate nearby bus stops by tapping on the map.
- Search for a bus stop by street name or stop number.
- Search for a bus route by the route number or route name.
- Get complete real-time bus arrival information.
- Track the current location of your interested bus.
- Bookmark your favorite bus stops.
- Explore different bus routes.
- Virtually ride the bus and double tap to zoom in on its route.
- Get information on scheduled bus arrivals.